Yoga in Your Education / Childcare Setting


I have taught in several local nursery and preschool settings (Skylarks Nursery, Mama Bears Nursery, Humpty Dumptys Nurseries)

I would be very happy to discuss your requirements further. Yoga is not just for stretching, we can incorporate many elements of the EYFS / your setting’s monthly or termly targets into the sessions, and explore themes, books, stories or numeracy. Children learn best while moving, and with opportunities for rest!

What are the benefits of yoga in my setting?

As well as being perfect for encouraging the children to be active during their day, yoga helps focus and calm the children. They develop confidence as they learn to do clever things with their body, and tools for calming themselves.

I aim to encourage children to develop body awareness and a social and emotional vocabulary through yoga, for example, naming the body parts we can feel working when we do yoga, counting the limbs which are on or off the floor in poses, naming feelings , noticing and respecting how we are that day, encouraging them to rest at any time, discussing the benefits of working harder and feeling our hearts beating faster.

I aim to foster self confidence and resilience, and their sense of individuality. Yoga is never competitive and is fully inclusive of different abilities.

I teach Yoga Nidra for children- a lying down meditation! Through story, and a sweet, engaging rotation of consciousness around the body, the children are able to expand their awareness , use their imagination and visualisation, and learn the benefits of rest!


I have taught yoga in Broadhempston Primary School and Bradley Barton Primary School. I have a postgraduate qualification in Informal Education and am qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga (300 hr, level 4) yoga teacher. I have a background in working with children and families, including Safeguarding training and specialism in working with additional needs. I have additional training in Teen Yoga and Mindfulness, and Children’s Yoga Nidra.


As a former Youth and Community Worker with experience in Statutory and Voluntary settings and a Postgrad Diploma in Youth and Community Work (St Martins College, Lancaster), I have a good understanding of working with young people. I am passionate about the benefits of yoga not just as physical exercise but as a holistic method of stress relief and mental health promotion. I would be delighted to discuss your requirements and how I may be able to help.

Contact me for further information and to enquire about availability and rates