Adult Yoga Classes

‘RISE’ SUNDAY MORNING YOGA: bimonthly: 9-10.15am (Oct 3rd, Dec 5th 2021): Home Studio, Ogwell

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Friday Morning Yoga: Studio @ French, behind the Green Room, Newton Abbot. (Next to Sainsburys Local off East St) Weekly from 8th october (no session half term 29th Oct)

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No special equipment needed, come as you are!

Accessible to all bodies at any life stage.


Everybody is welcome. Focus is on gentle, easeful movement with natural, permissive breath work leading to mental clarity and relaxation. Includes Simple pranayama (breath work) and Total Yoga Nidra (like meditation lying down with cosy blankets and bolsters!)

What kind of yoga is it?

What is Hatha Yoga?  Hatha yoga describes the combination of practices that are included in the class. This includes asana (physical postures), bandha (internal energy practices) , pranayama (working with the breath), mudra (energy seals to enhance asana and meditation practices) meditation and relaxation. This makes it different to, for example Vinyasa flow yoga (more about a faster flowing physical practice and may not include the other practices like mudra, meditation).

I like to teach a good variety of postures, adding different elements each week but working on particular practices over a number of weeks so you get the chance to really deepen your focus and practice with greater ease. It is said that once you master the physical challenge of a pose, that is when the real work can begin! Performed with ease, Asana helps us focus the mind and gives us insight into our inner world.

I can teach you adaptations and offer guidance for all levels  of experience. Whether you are new to yoga or looking to develop your practice, there will be something for you. The classes allow you to progress at your pace and grow your confidence.

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