Birth preparation sessions for birth partners

You’ve done your antenatal/ hypnobirthing classes, you’ve been to pregnancy yoga, you’ve read the books/ watched the youtube videos……but have you actually had the time to just BE, together? Or maybe you have not had time to do any of these things.. you’ve been busy with an older child, and quality time together is rare and precious these days?

I offer workshops for you and your birth partner, sharing with one other couple, or a private session if you prefer , to spend time trying different supportive positions and massage techniques, and quietly connecting to the energy of birth together. All partners very welcome: I have worked with a full range of humans from artists to accountants to farmers within these sessions! There is always a way to connect with their intuitive understanding and sense of loving touch and nurture, so that they can feel more confident to support you.

Prices for bespoke sessions from £70: contact me to discuss. Group workshops cost £45, are with just two other couples , and held at my home studio in Ogwell. Tea and homemade cake included.

We loved yesterday, it really empowered us both and I had a much better night’s sleep as a result.Thank you! I was doing the wall work at 2am and it helped my restless leg!” (Helen, second time Mum expecting twins, 33 weeks) (June ’19)

“My husband got a scarf out to use as a rebozo when i complained of backache the next night and started to sift my bump! Im so glad he knows that he can support me instead of just ‘leaving me to it’ this time. We are hoping for a better experience of labour and birth, and certainly feel more prepared.” (Katie, 33 weeks)

Next group workshop

Sun 15th March 2020


£45 per couple

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