Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

Treatments are at my home studio near Ogwell, TQ12.

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Pregnancy Massage

img_5477This massage is suitable throughout pregnancy and all steps are taken to  ensure you get positioned comfortably, taking your particular needs into account.

I have a massage bed which tilts, allowing me to raise your upper body up so as to avoid lying flat especially after the mid-second trimester, and I tilt it down to work on your back from the side with bolster cushion support.

I am trained and very experienced in pregnancy massage.  I am also trained in pelvic diaphragm release, a gentle, powerful myofascial release technique which can encourage malpositioned babies to turn, ease pelvic girdle pain and relieve tight/uncomfortable feelings in the bump and pelvis. I am also trained in both massage and Rebozo techniques for labour and birth, which I can teach to you and your birth partner.

Regular massage during pregnancy has been found to be predictive of more positive perceptions of labour, to reduce levels of stress hormones in the body, to alleviate sciatic nerve discomfort and increase circulatory function thereby reducing swelling and discomfort.

“I feel like all the tension has just melted away” (Hannah, 29 weeks pregnant)
“It was perfect. Just exactly what I needed” (Sal, 33 weeks pregnant with twins)

“The move you showed us where my husband put his hands resting over my lower back and bump was amazing in labour: I wouldn’t let him stop doing it!” (Mindy, Mum of 2)

  • £55 for 1hr massage
  • £65 for 1.5hr massage
  • Birth partner sessions- you can join my next scheduled workshop for 2 couples (HERE), or have a bespoke private session (POA). Contact me to discuss.

Post-Natal Massage

Option 1: Oil Massage on massage bed

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Your body has been through an amazing transformation, growing and birthing a baby and then caring for them. Often the focus shifts to baby once they are here but the need for rest and nurturing touch for Mums at this stage is enormous.

After any surgical intervention or tearing you need to wait at least 6 weeks before receiving a massage. Otherwise you can have one whenever you feel ready.

Such a massage makes a lovely gift! Gift vouchers available.

I can work around babies’ needs if they are too young to be away from Mum. (not available during the C-19 pandemic)

  • £55 for 1hr massage
  • £65 for 1.5hr massage
“You managed to find all my tension. I needed that so much!” (Jo, Mum of 6 week old)
“It was just so amazing to lie still and relax for an hour. I missed my baby but I feel like I will be going back to her feeling so much better, and that benefits her too.” (Nadia, Mum of 4 month old)

Option 2: Postnatal Closing Massage

This very special, ceremonial massage is floor-based and a little different: Click HERE for details