Pregnancy Yoga

WEDNESDAYS 5.45- 7.15pm

move, breathe, connect, relax deeply, be comfortable

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What does the pregnancy yoga class involve?

You don’t need any yoga experience and can expect to feel welcome, nourished and nurtured. All equipment is provided and sanitisation is ensured. You can bring your own if you prefer, and there are options for buying preloved mats, bolsters, cushions and my hand made eye pillows, when you book!

Relaxation and comfort are super important parts of the class! Many students have told me over the years that the relaxation is the time during their week when they felt the most comfortable. (pictured below- relaxing in the earlier stages of pregnancy- for relaxation, side lying is super comfy with lots of cushions / a bolster, or earlier in pregnancy, lying on your back, or reclining with legs over cushions/ bolster or up on the sofa or bed!)


Pregnancy yoga is a time to feel calm, to feel strong and also to let go, to tune in to your baby, to feel that aches and pains and worries are eased, and to deeply relax. Your baby will benefit from your relaxed state and you will feel more prepared for giving birth.

You can expect ; seated relaxation and breathing practices; floor work which includes lots of nourishing yoga for the hips and back; standing work which ranges from adapted balances , to pair work, to working at the wall for support, (potentially useful during labour also), and flowing through adapted sun salutations, and modified squatting, lunging and forward bending postures. This is not a time to sweat and strive for a perfect held pose. We flow through the poses avoiding overstretching and strain. You can work at your own pace and I give many options for adaptions.

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You are warmly welcome attend at any time in pregnancy. Many women start around 14 weeks, and most attend right up until their baby arrives.

Many women have met their baby- buddies at the class and this can be such a valuable source of support and company.

FAQs: (Frequently asked questions)

Q:  I’m not very flexible/not very fit/ I am overweight/ I have back problems/I have Pelvic Girdle pain/ other.. , does this matter?

A: I will go through a health questionnaire with you before class and can discuss adaptions to some of the practices if necessary (for example for pelvic girdle pain). Everybody is welcome and yoga is adaptable to all; you will be able to join in at your own pace.

Q: I have never done yoga before, is that ok?

A: I can think of no better time than to start to practice yoga than at this wonderful, transformative and challenging stage of life!

Q: Do I need to bring anything? What should I wear?

A: No special equipment required. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in eg leggings or tracky bottoms.

Q: What is yoga nidra about?

A: Yoga Nidra is a beautiful, deeply nourishing practice, which involves simply lying down and listening to a voice guiding through your layers of consciousness. It can bring you into your own intuitive wisdom and help you find clarity, peace, and prepare for the inner journey to come when you birth your baby. ✨✨✨

My Own Journey with Pregnancy Yoga

During pregnancy was when yoga became embedded more deeply in my life.

After reading her work and then being taught by her myself when I was 41 weeks pregnant, I was very happy to be able to train to teach pregnancy yoga with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, through Yogacampus,  in April 2016, and am grateful to be passing on her deep wisdom and experience. I blend Uma’s teachings with the those of Birthlight, which I used a lot in my own pregnancies. I am honoured to now be a tutor on Uma’s pregnancy yoga Teacher Training courses, which are held online twice a year at present. 

I am a British Wheel of Yoga qualified Level 4 (300 hour) yoga teacher ( tutor Tara Fraser).

I have completed the Birthlight Well Woman yoga diploma, and Birthlight CPDs on Diastasis Recti and yoga to support breastfeeding. I also teach postnatal yoga, baby massage/ baby nurture, baby yoga and toddler yoga- so your journey with yoga can continue!

In May 2021 I trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli to teach Yoga Nidra for Womxns’ health. 🌸

Please contact me for bookings and additional information.