Postnatal Closing Massage

90 minutes         £65            BOOK HERE

I recommend this beautifully nourishing treatment for:

§ Those who feel called to mark the transition to Motherhood as a spiritual rite of passage.

§ Mothers of under-2 year olds who are exhausted from lifting, carrying, and feeding their young one/s as well as trying to recover from giving birth!

§ Mothers who feel ready to leave their baby to treat themselves to some deep self-care (Im not able to offer treatments with your baby present during the Covid outbreak, sorry!)

§ Mothers who feel their pelvis is still ‘not right’ after giving birth / those who had pelvic pain during pregnancy / those who have been carrying their child one one hip alot.

§ Mothers of children (including grown up children!)of any age who still feel the need for a sense of closure or after a birth , or a pregnancy loss.

Here is what you can expect:

I have adapted this treatment to be within the Covid-19 guidelines, and this means it is a little different from what was formerly known as ‘Closing the Bones Ceremonial Massage’. It takes place at my home studio on the edge of Newton Abbot. See below for Covid- specific safety measures.

§ Results of treatment: Women usually say they feel very relaxed afterwards and that the treatment brought them deeply home to themselves, and into a space of remembering and processing their labour and birth experiences. Women usually say their hips feel better, and that during the treatment they really felt the ‘closing’ part was working, both energetically and physically. Women also tell me that having the ‘time out’ to be listened to as they tell their birth story is very healing.

§ What will happen: We will sit and talk as I fill in a registration/medical form, and then listen to you tell me your birth story/ies. I will let you get settled on the mattress on the floor and ensure that you are comfy.  I will start to rock your hips with the rebozo (long Mexican scarf), and this will continue for a few minutes. I will stop and ask you to roll up/ down your clothing to expose your belly from lower ribs to pubic bone. I will give you a towel to protect your clothing from oil. I will kneel beside you and use oil (from a single use bottle) to massage your belly, waist and hips. I will then ask you to put your clothing back, and will rock your hips with the rebozo again for a few minutes, after which I will draw the rebozo tighter and fasten it around your hips. I will then use another rebozo to rock , lift and massage your feet, and then your head and neck. After this I will give you a bolster to put under your knees, and the option of putting on your own eye pillow and I will sit near you feet and talk you through a specially created yoga nidra ( guided deep relaxation). Yoga nidra is said to be a state between waking and sleeping, where your mind is very open to positive suggestion and your body can settle into stillness whilst you either have a small nap, or listen to my voice as i guide you on an inner journey around your amazing postnatal body! After this is will leave you to relax in silence for a few minutes and then wake to ground and re-orientate yourself before you are ready to leave. We will have a short debrief/ closing chat and I will give aftercare advice before you are ready to face the day again!

If you have any concerns, questions or worries, please do drop me a message! I hope to meet you, and treat you with this beautiful medicine, soon .

§ Covid specific measures:

On arrival: you will be able to use the touch-free hand sanitiser. A box is provided for you to place your belongings in. You can bring in essentials, eg phone, if needed. Please bring your own bottle of water.

Toilet and hand wash facilities: will be sanitised before each use. Soap dispenser is touch-free. Clean individual towels are provided for hand drying. Facilities can be sanitised yourself using the disposable paper towels and touch free sanitiser provided.

During the treatment: I will be wearing a clear visor at all times. I have disposable face masks if you wish to wear one during the treatment (or for part of it). I will minimise working closer than 1 metre to your face (no face or upper body massage; your head and neck are massaged only with my rebozo, with me standing, during which I will wear a second mask in addition to my visor, and not talk to you,  to minimise downward spread of droplets.) Your (grapeseed and rose oil) will be prepared with sanitised hands in an individual small bottle, which you then take home with you. The rebozos, blankets and towels used will be laundered freshly and handled with sanitised hands. Windows will be open for constant ventilation on both sides of the treatment room. As the room may be a little colder than normal as a result, you stay clothed for the treatment, just pulling up your top for the belly massage, and extra blankets are available if needed. You will not feel cold.