From 3 – 10 months: Mum and Baby Yoga Classes

Class Details: Prices, Time and Location

  • Suitable for babies from around 12 weeks to fully mobile
  • suitable for babies with special needs
  • NEW NEWTON ABBOT VENUE  The Studio , next to the new Green Room restaurant (By small Sainsburys), East St.
  • Fridays 11am-12.15pm , RESTARTING FRIDAY 20th SEPTEMBER
  • 1:1 tuition and bespoke sessions for groups are available upon request

Baby yoga is fantastic for your little one’s physical, neurological and emotional/ social development. Babies are natural yogis and delight in movement! We move them into yoga poses and assist their movement to harness their natural reflexes and motivation, curiosity and humour! Smiling, giggling, and looks of delight are all to be expected!

Yoga is the perfect companion on the journey of Mothering. Befriending your breath means you will have the best tool for calming yourself and your baby, and the songs and moves will delight them. Feeling nourished, more open, and stronger from within, will help you enjoy what can be a tiring and challenging year!

Rolling with a 10 month old: (mine!)


One of our seasonal special classes with fun props and outfits!:

butterfly canopy smiles

Postnatal yoga for you is about gentle movement, easing joints and releasing tight muscles which often hold the strain of recovery; from giving birth as well as the intense period of caring for a small baby. We integrate yoga for the pelvic floor with rebuilding integral strength through the pelvis, lower back and abdomen , which you can build into ordinary movements like lifting and carrying your baby, or getting up from the floor.

Doing baby yoga not only lays the foundations for babies’ healthy physical and emotional development; it enhances life with your baby by teaching you techniques for safe, relaxed holding and picking up, soothing a crying baby, being playful together and relaxing together. Babies love yoga! They often seem to ‘open out’ as they do their yoga, ; they are delighted when they learn a new move, and it can help to reduce their frustration when they are trying to roll, sit, crawl, slide and generally wriggle around! We always use gentle, respectful, loving and nurturing touch.

The Classes

The classes are suitable for babies who are aged around 12 weeks to before crawling. They generally start with massage, songs and rhymes to engage the babies, and move on to fun stretches, balances, inversions and sequences that will delight them. Mum will move baby’s body into mini yoga positions, and using her own body to support baby in flying, rolling and going upside down. All fantastic for their physical and neural development. Then they get to have a lovely cuddle on you as we do a walking relaxation and, usually, finish off lying down or sitting quietly while you share your calm! For Mums, the classes also include stretches, strengthening yoga for the pelvic floor , hips and abdomen; breathing practices and ways of lifting, carrying and soothing babies easefully.

Mums say they leave feeling great and their babies sleep really well afterwards. This is a precious pause in the week to explore and enjoy movement, songs and relaxation with your little one, and to meet other Mums.

baby yoga pic

My Journey with Mum and Baby yoga

I used baby yoga with my children from birth. I went to Mum and baby yoga classes myself, and then trained to teach it with Sally Lomas of Birthlight in 2010 when my daughter was a few months old. I have been teaching Birthlight baby yoga continuously since Jan 2011 and have worked with hundreds of Mums and babies both in Manchester, where I was based until 2013, and Devon. Discovering Birthlight yoga was transformative for me. I love it, and I love sharing it! I have since completed the Baby Yoga Diploma, Baby Nurture certificate, and Birthlight CPD days on sensory integration through baby yoga ; yoga for diastasis recti; yoga to support breastfeeding. I recently attended the Birthlight postnatal yoga course and Well Woman yoga part 1. I am currently training with Birthlight to deliver the teacher training in Baby Nurture and Baby yoga. In 2018 I completed my 300 hour British Wheel of Yoga teacher training certificate. All in all, quite a journey from just enjoying a bit of yoga with my baby!!

Special Babies / Babies who have a disability/ medical needs:

I have a background in working with children who have special needs, and their families. I have particular experience with autistic spectrum disorders, and have taught theraputic yoga with babies with cerebral palsy and children with osteoporosis. I am very happy to discuss your child’s needs and possible packages of support over the phone or by email.



Q: I have never done yoga before and I’m not very flexible, does it matter? 

You don’t need any yoga experience, you don’t need to be bendy! Equally, if you have done yoga before, it will give you some ideas for re-introducing it into your life as a Mum.

Q: My baby needs to feed/ is due to sleep during the class, does this matter?

No, this is very welcome!

Q: My baby might be noisy, they cry a lot / have reflux/ colic/ dont like being on their tummy/ back; I’m worried this might disturb the class?

Don’t be worried! These are great reasons to come along; the class should help.

Please contact me for bookings  and additional information