Covid-19- specific measures

§ Covid specific measures:

On arrival: Please wear your own face mask, unless exempt. You will be able to use the touch-free alcohol hand sanitiser as you come in the front door. A box is provided for you to place your shoes and belongings in. You can bring in essentials, eg phone, to the treatment room if needed. Please bring your own bottle of water. These can be placed in a sanitised tray near your treatment area/mat. (For massage: Please remove jewellery eg necklaces, watches, bracelets, dangly earrings, large rings, before arriving if possible.)

Toilet and hand wash facilities: will be sanitised before each use. Soap dispenser is touch-free. Clean individual towels are provided for hand drying. Facilities can be sanitised yourself using the disposable paper towels and touch free sanitiser provided. Bins are no-touch.

Yoga: mats are limited to 5 (4 guests and 1 for me!) and are spaced to maintain 2m distancing. You do not need to wear your mask once you get on your mat. I will wear a clear visor to minimise risk at all times. Equipment: I have enough mats, blankets and bolsters to rotate them between classes allowing 3 days isolation to ensure any virus living on there would be inactive. I will be using anti virus spray on mats after use. You don’t need to bring anything, just your mask for arriving and leaving.

Massage: During the treatment: I will be wearing a clear visor at all times. Please wear your own face mask to arrive and leave the building. During consultation we will sit two metres apart and you can remove your mask. During the treatment, wearing a mask is required ‘unless it impedes the treatment’ :it is up to you to judge if will impede your treatment. To minimise the transmission risks when working close to you, I will wear a Type II mask in addition to my visor. Your oil will be prepared with sanitised hands in a single use bottle. All rebozos, blankets and towels used will be laundered and stored in sealed bags, and handled with sanitised hands. When the weather allows, windows will be open for constant ventilation on both sides of the treatment room.
My space has high, vaulted ceilings and an open plan design so ventilation is good.