New parent: you are enough!

How does it feel to read or hear that? Do you feel like you are enough for your baby?

After eleven years of teaching new Mums and babies, I can tell you for sure that what your baby needs, you have. I dont mean how you choose to feed them, but the other forms of nourishment which are your voice, your breath, your touch, your ability to coregulate (to soothe/ calm yourself and your baby), and your face. Nothing you can buy or learn is better than those. You can learn tricks, techniques and hacks for maximising these, of course. We do this in baby yoga and baby nurture.

Try planting this affirmation (“I have everything my baby needs”) by saying it inwardly, gently but with a voice of authority:

💜 In the quiet moments- inviting self-love.

🧡 In the moments of self-doubt and negative thought spirals; inviting in your inner, wise parent.

💜In the moment you catch your baby staring at you with the eyes of innocence and complete love, to invite self-recognition.

You are enough 💜