5 ways to Raise your vibe today!

Sing! 🎶

It exercise your pelvic floor, extends your exhale (calming), and promotes oxytocin release! Sing in the shower/car/to a baby/ animal/ plant/ person!

Smile! 😊

First Soften your tongue and release your jaw in a yawn shape: now try smiling! (sad? angry? not feeling it? Then fake it til you make it!)

Spend Time 🟡

with positive, high vibe people! Sometimes we have no choice but to be around Negs: if this is the case, I feel ya! Balance it out when you can with the other 4 ways!)

Listen 👂

To spiritual/ positive/ calming music. Try the artist ‘Beautiful Chorus’, or ‘MC Yogi’ or if on Apple, the Apple Music ‘Spa’ playlist- it’s lovely!

Practice 🟢

at least 2 x 5 minute breath meditations / Yoga Nidras a day. If you don’t manage it, be self-kind; just aim higher tomorrow!

With Love, J x💜