New Classes for babies, tots & adults!

New for November!

Baby it’s yoga time!! 👶

We are BACK in the Studio for baby yoga on Fridays from November 12th, 11am-12.15.

The studio is an easy walk from local parking, and is situated behind the gorgeous Green Room Cafe for a pre-class tea or post-class delicious, healthy lunch! Bright, fresh and welcoming: treat you and your baby to the only baby class that is truly for BOTH of your wellbeing! (Alongside the yoga for babies, postnatal bodies get fun, nourishing movement, gentle inner strengthening (pelvic floor and abdomen; focusing on optimising the breath), and lots of techniques for calming and soothing you both during your days and nights! No equipment needed and ALL bodies welcome- just come as you are!) BOOK HERE

Tots and Toddlers Autumn Special! Thurs Nov 18th 🧒

For one day only! We are back at my home studio for a 1.5 hour fun, colourful, joyful, yet calming yoga and play session, which is for both of you! (siblings also welcome for £1 extra) BOOK HERE

Friday Morning Yoga for Grown-ups!

9.30-10.30am Fridays, The Studio @ French, N Abbot

A class for everybody; this is full spectrum yoga, not just positions but deep and effective breathwork, relaxation, and internal bhandas (lifts) , which are the yoga version of ‘core strength’! The style is somewhere between Hatha and classical tantra yoga, with somatic movement. BOOK HERE

Also available: Pregnancy yoga online and in person, postnatal yoga workshop, Sunday morning yoga, and massage: BOOK HERE