Yoga/ massage in the time of Covid: Update

I am pleased to relaunch, with social distancing, sanitisation and Zoom OR in person options…:

Wednesday Baby Nurture (baby massage and yoga for the fourth trimester) classes

I have a two week taster option , followed by a 5 week course (4th Nov-2nd Dec) Baby Nurture info: HERE

Baby Yoga (3 months to mobile), is a 5 week course (6th Nov-4th Dec). Baby Yoga info : HERE

For both, you have an option for a v small group experience at my home studio, or a zoom livestream option. Handouts and oil will be provided for both options for Baby Nurture.

Massage is available at my home studio, as are birth preparation sessions. See relevant tabs in main menu for more info/ bookings

Much Love, Jess xx

One thought on “Yoga/ massage in the time of Covid: Update

  1. Hey Jess

    So I’m torn. I’m definitely going to book the nurture class, it’s the only class I haven’t done yet lol. But are all your spaces at your house booked yet? I want one but I’m also thinking that they will be so important for a first time mum to use. But if they are not already taken I would love a face to face class!

    What do you think?


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