Toddler and preschooler yoga

Toddlers love yoga! In fact they already know how to ‘do’ yoga! They are wonderful at exploring their physicality, And have a sense of fun and adventure built-in! Yoga harnesses their natural playfulness and flexibility, their ability to copy, and their desire to do things ” all by myself!”; using their love of rhythm and rhyme , we throw in songs and verses to engage them and help them remember; and knowing that they still need to come back to their grownup for cuddles, and that they cant resist climbing on them while they are in a yoga pose, we keep Mums/Dads/carers yoga-ing while their Tot might be off investigating the room; we repeat fun and challenging elements like inversions on grownups backs, butterfly swings, or zooming to the moon, so even a cautious Tot will decide to try them when they are ready; and we always end up with a lovely relaxation under the imaginary tree: “all the children are having a rest, under the Tree, under the Tree../ all the mummies/ all the daddies.” And yes, even the busiest bee will lie down with their grownup /under a sparkly blanket with a comfy cushion when they see everyone else doing it too!

Toddler and preschooler Yoga:

4 wk courses running 10-10.45am Tuesdays at King St Studios, Newton Abbot.. £6.50 per week prebooked. Please ask for dates of current course.

This class is suitable from around 1 to 4 yrs.

For those learning to walk steadily yoga can help them develop balance and coordination and a sheer love of movement! After about 18 months/ 2 yrs copying starts to emerge and toddlers can do lovely balancing, stretching , rolling and resting on their own, as well as playing with their grownup to run, skip, fly, skydive , and practice steady landings!

It is great if you have more than one Tot; we can incorporate smaller babies too if you want to bring your baby and toddler together.For younger toddlers, copying is often delayed.. they might show you their yoga later at home after class! 

You dont need any yoga experience, you dont need to be bendy! Equally, if you have done yoga before it will give you some ideas for reintroducing it into your life with your Tot! (:

I also offer 1:1 tuition, bespoke sessions for groups, and fun yoga – based birthday parties for 0-4 yr olds; prices on request .

I am currently teaching weekly preschool yoga at Mama Bears Nursery, Queens Drive, Paignton. I taught yoga at Skylarks nursery from 2014-2015

Please enquire about preschool/ nursery yoga. 07707297316