Mum and baby yoga

Yoga is the perfect companion on the journey of Mothering! Befriending your breath means you will have the best tool for calming yourself and your baby , and delighting them too! any time you need it! Feeling nourished, more open, and stronger from within, will help you enjoy what can be a tiring and challenging year! Mums say they leave feeling great and the class is the highlight of their week!
Doing baby yoga not only lays the foundations for babies’ healthy physical and emotional development; it enhances life with your baby by teaching you techniques for safe, relaxed holding and picking up, soothing a crying baby, being playful together and relaxing together. Babies love yoga! They often seem to ‘ open out’ as they do their yoga, and it can really help to reduce frustration when they are trying to roll, sit, crawl, slide and generally wriggle around! Yoga is gentle, respectful, loving and nurturing touch: we start with massage, songs and rhymes to engage them , and move on to fun stretches, balances, inversions and sequences that will delight them! Then they get to have a lovely cuddle on you as we do a walking relaxation and , usually, finish off lying down or sitting quietly while you share your calm!
I have been using baby yoga techniques and exercises with my Tots since they were tiny, and have been teaching Birthlight baby yoga since Jan 2011. I love it and i love sharing it!

You dont need any yoga experience, you dont need to be bendy! Equally, if you have done yoga before it will give you some ideas for reintroducing it into your life as a Mum (:
Mum and Baby Yoga classes:
Tuesdays 11am-12.15pm and Thursdays 10.30-11.45am
King St Studios , Newton Abbot
Suitable for babies moving on from my postnatal recovery and baby massage classes /from around 12 weeks, to approx 10 months.
For Mums there are lots of stretches, breathing practices and tips for lifting, carrying and soothing babies without strain. Baby yoga includes Mum moving baby’s body into mini yoga positions , and using her own body to support baby in flying, rolling and going upside down! All fantastic for their development. A precious pause in your week to explore and enjoy movement, songs and relaxation with your little one, and to meet other Mums.
Classes At King St Studios in NEWTON ABBOT
£18 for a 2 week taster/ £54 for a 6 week block ( dates can be prebooked off , eg for holidays/appointments) Please contact me on or 07707297316 to book / for more info. An info sheet including directions, parking info, etc will be sent to you when you enquire.
I also offer 1:1 tuition and bespoke sessions for groups, on request .
Jess xx