Why Baby yoga is brilliant! 10 reasons:

Jai Mā Yoga

Tummy time across the legs!

One of the Hale mums asked me this morning “what are the benefits of baby yoga?”- a very good question that left me floundering in a sea of information and enthusiasm!! So, here goes:
Why baby yoga is brilliant: Reason 1!
For newborn- 3 mths, baby yoga helps establish good head control by giving you positions to hold them in to encourage the neck and back muscles to strengthen. This helps them later to learn to roll, sit , crawl,, and beyond!

Why Baby yoga is brilliant: Reason 2!:
For newborn plus, it eases digestive discomfort, eg. moves to release wind , strategies for soothing colic.

Why Baby yoga is brilliant: Reason 3!
The baby yoga approach (particularly the Birthlight approach) is to encourage babies to explore in 3d- offering enough physical support but allowing them to move themselves- eg the sways that we do…

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