Spring Cleaning without actual cleaning!!


Spring is such a wonderful time! But does anyone else feel a sense of dread at the words ” spring cleaning”? As a busy Mum, i barely find time to do eseential cleaning ( ie slightly more than using baby wipes to swipe the worst bits…) , and i dont imagine my Tots would agree that spending a morning cleaning would be a priority over going to the beach, doing their new puzzle, playdough, etc etc…! 

SO! I have a great alternative that may just clear enough negative energy for actual cleaning to become a possibility.. Or maybe not, but this way we focus on what we CAN do! 

Try listing ( mentally or on paper) 3 things that feel ” stale” : 1. In your relationships / day to day routine 2. In your work ( which cd be parenting if you dont have paid work), and 3. In your home environment.

then find 3 easy, positive things you can do, within the next 24 hours, towards shifting this stale energy. Dont think too hard: go easy on yourself! And they must be stated with positive intention ( a Sankalpa in yoga terms), so no ” i will NOT or i will STOP, instead ” i will, or i AM ( better still!)

For example: 1. I always stay up too late on a sunday ( positive step: i am taking care of myself by having a bath and being in bed by 10.15pm) 2. I dont know why , but this project is not working. ( positive step: stop it for now and see what else emerges ) 3. I have a pile of toys/ papers/ dishes that never seems to shift! ( clear it now! Tackle 3 things within it and sort the rest into a drawer/ throw away.)

Now do them! (: ( let me know how you get on ) x