What makes Treetots Yoga mum and baby / toddler classes unique?

There are an ever growing array of classes and activities out there to take our little people to. So what makes my classes unique?
A Treetots Yoga class includes yoga for you, yoga for your baby, but most importantly, yoga you do together! Birthlight yoga is all about enhancing opportunities for joyful bonding between mums and babies, parents and toddlers. There are loads of benefits and things to take away to use in everyday life; like lifting techniques to strengthen you and avoid injury, breathing techniques to calm you down during the challenging times, fun rhymes and songs to entertain and delight your little one which will come in handy on a dull day!
One of the mums recently said of her time coming to classes from her daughter being 9 weeks to 9 months: “it really calms you down”. I couldnt put it any better! (;
Jessica x