Connecting with Autumn, openness to change.

I think everyone’s feeling the shifting of early Autumn to mid- Autumn now. The leaves have suddenly fallen from the trees I have been admiring on my drive to nursery/ work – the glorious golden Limes on Mauldeth Rd, the magnificent orangey Horse Chestnuts in Hale Barns, and the sprinkling of stunning red trees and vines along the way. This wind has speeded up the leaf fall, brought us piles of lovely crunchy ones to jump in, and hastened the bringing -out of the winter coats and scarves! I love autumn. I love the reminder that change is always happening, but is more visible at this time. I love the putting on of tights and scarves, hot water bottles on my toes in bed, soups and roots to eat and delicious British apples like Russets. Sometimes we say things like ‘oh i cant believe it’s already (name of month/ season)’/ ‘we didnt really have a summer did we?’/ ‘Im not ready for (name of cold season/ month) yet’. What actually is this? I believe there are more to these statements than meet the eye- Resistance due to blockages in our bodies and emotions, and a lack of spiritual wellbeing. I find that if i hear myself saying these sort of statements, or anything that sounds ‘fixed’ like ‘i really dont like that/ i dont think i will ever/ i will stick to x/y/z’, warning bells sound, and i try to reflect on why my mind is creating a block. Often i find that as soon as i catch myself saying something like this, and then reflect, something will soon happen to contradict that statement! If we are open to recieving messages from our hearts, and from the Universe ( or ‘god, however you concieve of him/ her/ it/ them), and from other people with true and heart- centred intention, there is guidance available to us, and positive changes we can make as a result.

Yoga frees up blockages in our energies and helps us open our hearts. Blocked heart energy can correspond with hunched shoulders, closed chest and tense shoulders. Even just a few stretches every day can help to free the area up and has a positive effect on our thoughts and emotions too.

Wow- a blog that has not mentioned the little people! This is another change for me as i feel my post- natal ‘bubble’ starting to lift. Instead of feeling i miss when my baby boy was tiny, i am going to consciously focus on the positive aspects of this change. I do kind of love that ‘baby bubble’ when i dont think about anything outside of the immediate care of my children, don’t watch or listen to news , etc. But that has passed now. It feels quite nice to be reconnecting with the world again! (;