The Blogging muscle!

I recently write a guest blog for someone and although it took me a while to get round to it i really enjoyed it. I have been really lax on the blogging recently and I now realise its because of the iPhone! Since i got mine i hardly go on my computer! Plus my ‘e’ key doesnt work and i have to keep filling in e’s! So, is it possible to blog from my phone?? Or do i now need an iPad?? Clever apple – probably the latter!

I do think blogging is like a muscle, if you dont do it for a while you get out of practice , you need to keep exrcising it. I find Tweeting is the same, when i tweet regularly i start to think in tweets! FB statuses i have pretty much stopped as i find you can ramble on and its a bit wasted as it may just get missed if no one happens to see it. So, its great that my tweets are visible on here but i feel i need to blog again. I have so many thoughts and experiences to share about yoga and parenting. So, if i cant blog from my phone i will find another way to fit this into my days/ nights! And put an iPad on my Xmas wish list….!(;