10 Beautiful Moments with your Baby: 7: Wearing your baby!

Having a long cuddle with your baby, letting them fall asleep on your chest, giving them skin to skin time…all things which can seem like an indulgence after the first few weeks of your baby’s life when you have things to get on with! But this is all possible whilst still getting on with your life, while wearing your baby in a sling/wrap! Whats not to love about that?!

Babywearing, or carrying baby in a sling/wrap, is said to have many benefits for both parents and babies, : see the following article for a list!


I do love my Moby wrap- i have used it with both my little ones and my 9 week old is asleep in it as i type! The Moby is a stretchy wrap- basically a long piece of stretchy material although you cant make one yourself very easily or safely. I find it really useful for settling baby to sleep around the house, especially in the evenings or when they are ‘sleep resisting’, as well as to transport them when out and about when a buggy isnt convenient ( eg on the London underground, on an aeroplane, in a taxi, etc), second time round i would say that i couldnt manage my life without a wrap, as it allows me to see to my toddler whilst giving my baby the warmth, security and comfort that he needs from me.

I only found out recently , on meeting the very friendly and knowledgable women of the Manchester Sling School (www.theslingschool.com )that the stretchy wraps are not recommended after about 3-4 months as once the baby gets heavier the stretch cant hold their weight as easily and it loses its benefits for both your posture and the baby’s security. I did use it until my little girl was walking and i was pregnant again, and never had a real problem, but i can see the point.

The Sling class i went to at GloFamily in Cheadle was great- they showed me some tweaks for making baby more comfortable in his Moby for now, and talked me through some other options for the future, including an advanced ‘back carry’ using a woven wrap which i LOVED, but havent mastered yet! I borrowed a wrap from their ‘sling library’ which is a fab idea and only costs £5 for 2 weeks! ( http://www.slingingintherain.co.uk)

Happy wearing/ slinging/ carrying!