10 Beautiful Moments with your baby: 6. Ahhh they’re asleep! (a 10 min yoga routine!)

Sometimes having a baby feels like really hard work; let’s be honest! They need you to fulfill their every need- they cant understand if they have to wait for you to get fed/ cuddled and if they do they cry! Alot!

Sometimes i feel a flash of guilt when i am enjoying my baby being asleep, especially after a crying session ( and there does seem to be more crying to get needs met going on with 2 children!) BUT i have been reminding myself that only a happy, needs- met baby will sleep, and so its a time for me to recharge and feel happy that i’ve done my job for now!

Yoga relaxation is fantastic for recharging your batteries and is often even more effective than a sleep; a wise baby yoga teacher told me that 10 minutes relaxation is as good as a couple of hours sleep for making a Mum feel refreshed. So, why not use their sleep time for a little bit of yoga- yes, i know there is housework to be done but it can wait until after your yoga at least!! Try cat pose with arching to ease backache, rest in childs pose and extend the arms for a nice stretch. Back into cat and extend one leg at a time to stretch the calves in swan pose; lift the leg and opposite arm if you are 5 months + postnatal ( 6 months after a section). Sit back on your heels and clasp the hands behind your back and lift- fab for achy shoulders. Sit cross legged or with legs straight out (stick pose) and lift through the crown before doing a gentle twist. Now lie flat , lift your knees to your chest and breathe into you full abdomen , chest expanding sideways. Stretch your legs upwards and pull in the pelvic floor as you exhale. Now rest, focusing on your exhale; imagine that it is a long thread extending from your lips, or make a ‘hh’ sound with the exhale; both help to extend your exhale and relax and calm you. A few minutes, even one minute of this relaxation and theres still time to do your chores..well actually they dont seem as urgent any more! Happy relaxing (I’m off to do the same!) (: