The floor is your friend!

The following exercises which utilise the pressure and straightness of the floor to your advantage!, can be done to relieve some common aches and pains of both the pregnancy and postnatal period. You should only practice yoga guided by a qualified teacher , please use as a guide only. Please be very gentle if you are newly postnatal or pregnant or in late pregnancy!

1: Try rolling one buttock to the other from stick pose ( legs strt in front, sit on floor)for tight hips/ glutes.

2: Lie flat, hands holding knees hugged to tum, roll from one side to the other, to massage tight shoulders.

3: Rest in child’s pose, let forehead sink into floor, relax shoulders, feel tension melt into the mat with exhale

4. Aeroplane (shown in pic !) with or without a little person on board to massage sacroiliac joint/ L back.

5. Lie: flat (knees bent up 4 Lback / if preg <3rd trim) / on side (if preg 3rd trim), let floor support u, relax!