Baby Yoga Testimonials / Feedback

Chorlton Class@ The Yoga Rooms, Jan- Mar 2011:

“It was a nice bonding activity for me and baby, an opportunity to meet other Mums , and relaxation and gentle exercise for me. A really good course, even better than i expected, especially liked rocking moves, and how to hold and lift baby safely. A really nice activity to do with your baby!” (Mum to Leon, 2 months)

“There were lots of songs that my baby likes”(Mum to 3 month old)

“An enjoyable class, which was facilitated well.” (Mum to 5 month old)

“The best bits were stretches for baby, and lifting safely.”

“The massage was the most useful, it was about relaxation and communicating with my baby. Thank you”

“The exercises are gentle and help you get fit after baby”

One to One sessions with Tanya and Robert, Spring 2011:

“It was even better than i expected! More yoga for me than i expected which i really liked. I loved the ‘Sonic massage’ and so did Robert. I would recommend these sessions and look forward to toddler yoga! Thanks”

Hale class@ Balance Studios, Jun- Aug 2011:

” Milly loved it and i was always tired and chilled at the end of the session!” (Mum to Milly, 5 months.)

“The breathing and relaxation exercises have been wonderful. Feel very refreshed walking out of class. Baby loves the songs and stretches which push knees into abdomen, we do this at home now.” (Mum to 5 month old )

“The best thing was taking time to stretch properly, especially the back stretches”. (Mum to 4 month old)

“I learned to work with Jack and accept when he doesn’t want to do something. He likes being stretched at home.” (Mum to Jack, 7 months)

“The best things were taking time to relax, drop my shoulders, concentrate on my posture and breathing. Having a moment to relax and focus. Milly loves all the moves and songs (I dont think i will ever forget ‘Mr. Sun!’)”( Mum to Milly, 5 months)

“The best thing for me was doing things like holding Lola above my head, upside down, etc as i tend to ‘wrap her up in cotton wool’! – it’s good for her to have more freedom!” (Mum to Lola, 5 months.)