Buy a Gorgeous Yoga Mat -£14!

New in- Beautiful jewel coloured Yoga mats. £14.Choose from Amethyst, Jade, Rose, Sapphire, Amber and Ruby.

These are Yogamatters sticky yoga mats , high quality and light to carry. A mat will help you practice yoga at home both with and without a little one- provides padding, stops you slipping in poses like downward dog and warrior, and gives you some dimensions to judge your poses by. Its great to have one for your baby / toddler yoga sessions (however short these are ! 10 mins is enough!), as it acts as a symbol to your little one that it’s yoga time! (mine starts to do the stretchy hello song when she sees me get mine out!)

Its also nice to have your own mat to take to classes as you know only your own feet/ palms have been on there!!